Get To Know Olivia Ponton!

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Nudestix proudly presents Sweet Cheeks in collaboration with Olivia Ponton. When it comes to beauty, Olivia’s minimalist approach to skincare and makeup, and her commitment to inspiring her global audience to embrace themselves as they are, makes this partnership a recipe for perfect synergistic alignment.


FACT #1: Olivia's Zodiac Sign

Olivia is a Gemini!


FACT #2: Olivia's Favourite Part About Being An Influencer


Olivia love connecting with her community to have an impact on their lives & on and off-line.


She is passionate about advocating for the LGBTQ community & mental health awareness. Olivia loves that she can be the role model & support system for her community, an influence that she felt that she was missing growing up.


FACT #3: Olivia's Favourite Treat

Her favorite snack is açai bowls


FACT #4: Olivia's Favourite TikTok Trend



 Get Ready with Me videos


FACT #5: Olivia's Favourite Product


One of Olivia's favourite Nudestix products is Nudies Bloom in Sweet Cheeks of course!