Hannah Dawson

A CMU College of Makeup Art and Design graduate in 2016, Toronto-based Hannah Dawson has been passionate about art for many years. Hannah instantly fell in love with the beauty industry when she first had her makeup done at the tender age of thirteen. Realizing that the ability to be as creative as you want to be, using your own face as a canvas and enhancing your natural features could bring you so much joy, it was inevitable for her to pursue a career in the cosmetics industry. As a makeup artist, Hannah loves the confidence and inspiration she can share with her clients.

“NUDESTIX allows you to easily achieve both complex/high fashion and simple, quick day-to-day looks. I could not be more excited to join the NUDESTIX Pro Artist Team and represent a brand I proudly use on myself and in my kit.”

PRO TIP: Apply Dewy Barrier Hydrating Stick under your makeup for a fresh, healthy glow. For a quick refresh, reapply on the high points of the face and on any dry areas. It can also be added to any matte blush or bronzer to create a dewy glow, under or on top of powder!

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Samuel Ropers

A self-taught makeup artist who loves to use makeup to enhance natural beauty and express his creativity by also working with Special FX makeup, Samuel is a Pisces with a Leo rising and self-professed dreamer filled with confidence.

Samuel’s love story with NUDESTIX began in 2019 when he first started his career in the cosmetics industry while working at Sephora in Montreal, Canada. Demonstrating the NUDESTIX natural, nude shades to his customers with the quick and easy application, not only made his customers happy but also boosted their confidence.

“I like to create looks that make people ask themselves if it’s actually makeup or simply reality.”

With so many ways to approach makeup, Samuel loves to teach his audience how to create looks especially suited for them. His inspiration comes from many places, but mostly from his imagination. Samuel has a passion for the occult and astrology which fuels his imagination when creating his fantasy makeup looks.

Favorite NUDESTIX Technique:
Contouring. Try underpainting with NUDESCREEN DAILY MINERAL VEIL SPF30 in shade ‘HOT’ then applying foundation over top for a subtle face sculpting.

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Briceson Buck-Ducharme

Los Angeles-based, Briceson’s love of makeup came at an early age when he saw how transformative it was when anyone wore it on his favorite holiday, Halloween.

A lover of art in so many forms, coupled with the power of transformation that makeup provides quickly fueled his makeup obsession with the influence of each brush stroke.

Being in the beauty industry for the last 20 years, Briceson has perfected his craft from creating nude and natural everyday looks to high-fashion runway glam. His passion for people and love of makeup have given him many opportunities throughout his career. With his love for helping people find confidence in themselves, and vast experience of all things beauty, Briceson was a natural choice in joining the NUDESTIX PRO team.

Favorite NUDESTIX Product:
If he could pick one NUDESTIX product to give to everyone on earth, it would most definitely be the Daily Vitamin C Mask & Moisturizer. 

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Aaron Rivera

A self-taught makeup artist with 7 years of experience, San Diego-based Aaron Rivera has a wide range of artistry experience, having created makeup looks for beauty pageants, weddings, and celerity red-carpet appearances to name a few.

Aaron joined NUDESTIX in 2023 as the Sales and Education Artistry Manager and quickly discovered a passion to educate his clients both in-store and on social media. While sharing tips on his favorite NUDESTIX products and demonstrating how to get the looks, coupled with his love of clean beauty, Aaron’s enthusiasm for sharing his knowledge is contagious.

Favorite NUDESTIX Product:
Aaron’s best kept NUDESTIX secret is using BLOT & BLUR MATTE STICK post shave to soothe any irritation and also helps to even skin texture before applying foundation.

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