The Power of Three

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An up-close and personal chat with NUDESTIX founders reveals they are better together and attest, it is a NUDE world, after all.

By Silvana Longo

It has been eight years since the launch of NUDESTIX.

As we approach this milestone - we thought we would catch up with the founders and reminisce about the early days, reflect on the journey that has spread NUDESTIX love to 34 countries and the brand’s plans for the future as it widens its scope and evolves while staying true to its no-fuss, minimalist roots.

I mean at this point, does anyone remember what it was like before minimalist, multi-tasking beauty on-the-go products simplified and improved our lives? Perhaps, we don’t even want to… Jenny Frankel, mother of then two teenage daughters certainly does though! The veteran chemical engineer, known for creating innovative beauty products for top Canadian cosmetic companies for more than 20 years, took the time to observe and listen to the beauty needs of her Millennial and Gen-Z daughters. A new “less is more,” easy-to-apply, varying shades of nude appeal was on the horizon and yet at the time, beauty brands were distinctly divided between beautiful skincare brands and makeup artistry brands. Inevitably, a newcomer to the beauty scene was overwhelmed and under-served. What to do? Being a visionary, chockfull of marketing ingenuity, Jenny set out to fill a white space in the market. Besides an easy, effortless, beauty-as-a-lifestyle approach on the wish list, both daughters Taylor, a Millennial and Ally, a Gen-Zer who preferred a five minute makeup routine over a labour-intensive one, also expected more from a beauty brand. “They wanted a brand to stand for something,” and being raised in the beauty business, “they were uber conscientious of what goes on your skin.” This meant Clean Makeup; high-quality, good-for-your-skin ingredients devoid of parabens or sulphates, cruelty-free makeup as well as incorporating eco-conscious practices, every step of the way. No green-washing here! The sustainability plea and love for the planet were achieved thanks to the reusable, multi-functional recyclable tin as the brand’s iconic packaging, conceptualized by Ally.



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Inspired and mentored simultaneously, this trinity of muses and mavens launched NUDESTIX cream-based pencils in the UK and North America in 2014. Social media was quickly becoming the go-to place for youth to connect, learn, engage and share beauty tips. Taylor, the Chief Brand Officer and spokesperson, along with her younger sister Ally, a recent medical graduate, who acts as the Medical Advisor for NUDESTIX and NUDESKIN were (and are) the faces behind the brand who from the beginning, spread the word like wild-fire on social media channels. Gone were the days of 45-minute tutorials on makeup techniques, your nude and natural look came via your phone with quick and easy tips to start your day. “My favourite part of my job has to be connecting with customers. Whether that be in-store or on social media, our community is truly at the centre of everything we do. Humanizing the brand and ongoing education is key. “I have the ability to speak with them directly and gather insights on product, brand and content. Our community continues to educate me, every day,” says Taylor.

Early on, NUDESTIX checked all the boxes for the modern woman whether she lives in Toronto, Singapore or London as they embraced this minimalist, effortless, love-the-skin-you’re-in makeup approach, and within six months from its debut, the brand was recognized with the Prestige Beauty Brand of the Year award from Women’s Wear Daily (WWD). That industry acknowledgment gave rise to a new era where beauty bridges the gap between skincare and makeup artistry, and spans the ages. In fact, “this multi-generational collaborative team at the helm is one of the reasons why our brand resonates and relates to such a wide age demographic,” attests Taylor.

Over the years, the accolades, social media collaborations with beauty influencers and celebrities alike grew along with a brand that expanded the makeup line giving nude shades their rightful place to shine as well as a host of colours that satisfy the makeup artist within. The recent launch of a skincare line, NUDESKIN, touts the benefits of cell renewal optimization while providing your best face base for living your best life. Who could ask for more?


“There is a whole new world of NUDE we can create,” says Jenny. Coming off the heels of award-winning Nudescreen sun protection, stay tuned for more NUDE-loving products that do yourself and the planet good. Besides expanding on existing categories, the brand will continue to partner with causes that align with their mission and beliefs, such as: The Canopy Project; in support of the environment, The Jed Foundation; in support of mental health awareness, and Planned Parenthood; in support of female reproductive rights.

Rest assured, as the beauty landscape evolves, the brand will continue to stay on the pulse of the latest trends, community demands to ensure relevancy, and continue to deliver on a beauty philosophy of Minimalist, Multi-tasking Makeup, Skincare and soon-to-be-launched Bodycare.

Cheers to eight years of NUDESTIX and this trinity of women who pioneered a beauty brand that speaks to the modern woman around the world.