Meet the Founders


We believe a natural look is a perfect fit for any face. We’re all born with our own unique look, so why cover it up with tons of makeup? A touch of color here and there is enough to bring out our finest features, so out with the crazy big collection and in with our makeup stix for face, eyes and lips.

NUDESTIX is a simple collection of easy-to-use makeup crayons that cover all the bases and give you a fresh-faced, nude look. Enriched with skin-saving vitamins, antioxidants and moisturizers, each multipurpose NUDESTIX pencil is packed with goodness to #GONUDEBUTBETTER. 

No Preservatives

No Parabens

No Gluten

Cruelty Free

Sisters. Mom. Friends. Models. Sisters. Mom. Friends. Models.

In front of the camera, they wear many faces. In everyday life, they go for all-out natural, opting for that barely-there look with only a touch of color for perfection in an instant.

Having worked with some of today’s best makeup artists and photographers, they pooled their industry know-how with their no-makeup makeup lifestyle to create NUDESTIX.

Meet ally

Ally, Co-Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of NUDESTIX, is the spirit of generation Z and is drawn to effortless, natural and easy-to-use makeup. Ally has her finger on the pulse and serves as the social media voice behind NUDESTIX, all while attending high school and beyond.

“I believe the ‘natural look’ works well for every face. When it comes to makeup, a little goes a long way: a dot here and a smudge there does the trick. NUDESTIX is about embracing the beautiful you.” xx Ally

Meet taylor

Taylor, Co-Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of NUDESTIX, embodies the easy-going ideals of the millennial generation that are after a no-fuss, natural look…think 3 products in 3 minutes. Taylor believes beauty is part of her lifestyle and created NUDESTIX to speak to all generations to go for a nude, natural look.

“I think makeup should be easy, fast – and above all – fun! So out with the bag overflowing with compacts and brushes and in with simple makeup…say hello to NUDESTIX!” xx Taylor

Meet jenny

Jenny, Founder and President of NUDESTIX, is a chemical engineer with over 20 years of beauty experience. An established on-air guest, brand ambassador and sought after public speaker, Jenny identified the need for modern and natural beauty products that cosmetic users of all ages crave. Jenny created NUDESTIX in 2014 and brought sidewalk beauty to life with its easy and on-the-go makeup stix.

“I am equal parts mom, scientist, beauty visionary and marketing ingenuity (so I’ve been told). Using my daughters Ally & Taylor as muses, I created NUDESTIX. This labor of love resulted in a streamlined makeup collection designed to provide a quick-and-easy, nude look that works for all faces.” xx Jenny