How To Get The Perfect Matte Lip

Posted on Oct 20 | By elizabeth han

If you’re like me and love the matte lip trend, but can’t seem to recreate those perfectly sculpted, even and smooth lips that you see on your Instagram feed, I have the perfect makeup tips for you!

#Disclaimerbabes: For those of you who are feeling bad about you lips right about now – don’t.

Even though I’m sure you are fully aware of this already – those perfectly sculpted lips that you see on social media are most likely edited and so, this is not me saying that you should feel bad about your lips AT ALL! You are beautiful. XO

Step 1: BLUR

Line and fill your lips with the Blur Pencil. This will fill in any lines or creases to give the appearance of smoother lips. In addition, it acts as a lip primer to hydrate the lips, prevent feathering and bleeding.

Blur Pencil

Step 2: MATTE

Line and fill your lips. This matte lip color pencil will give you intense pigment with one swipe! TIP: Apply on cheeks as blush for a monochromatic, natural makeup look.

Intense Matte Lip + Cheek Pencil


The final touch to the perfect matte lip is concealer. Apply concealer around the lip area to define, sculpt and perfect any mistakes! If you don’t want to apply it around the entire lip, apply it at the outer corners of the lips in a sideways V formation and the bow of the lip.



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