Meet Nudestix 1st foundation ever! Introducing Tinted Cover!

Posted on Aug 14 | By Harrie Austin

First there were our All-Over Face Colors, then came our cult-favorite Tinted Blur Stick, followed by the Nudies Bloom sticks. Now, enter the newest addition to the Nudestix complexion product family: Tinted Cover. Tinted Cover is our first-ever liquid foundation launch, and we could not be more excited to share the news with all of you. Created with multitudes of skin-loving ingredients and formulated similarly to Korean skincare products, our Tinted Cover is more than just a foundation. It’s a sheer coverage complexion base makeup product that not only helps even out your skin’s appearance, but it also simultaneously works to nourish and hydrate your skin. 

We also had a chance to sit down with nationally-acclaimed dermatologic surgeon and aesthetician, Dr. Dendy Engelman, to talk about all of the skin benefits of using a product like Tinted Cover. Read on for everything you need to know about the foundation, and for Dr. Engelman’s tips and tricks for keeping your skin looking healthy with Tinted Cover. 

What You Need To Know

The Tinted Cover foundation comes in 14 universal nude skin tones, ranging from very fair to very deep. Much like our Tinted Blur Stick, these shades are made to easily blend out very sheerly to match your undertone, so it’s likely that you’ll be able to wear more than one shade. The product provides a lightly-airbrushed look to the skin so that your skin is evened out, but the foundation feels wearable throughout the day. 

It is suitable for all skin types, including those with sensitivities and skin conditions, and has a radiant, dewy finish. If you’re hyper-sensitive and have doubts about whether or not this foundation will work for you, take it from the pro. “The inherent properties of many botanicals is that they are anti-inflammatory,” says Dr. Engelman. “Most people with sensitive skin have a baseline of inflammation, so if you calm that inflammation [with the botanicals from Tinted Cover], your skin will be less sensitive.”

What It’s Made With

A struggle that our founders — Jenny, Taylor, and Ally Frankel — all agree with is that many foundations are often made with either coverage or skin health in mind. But Tinted Cover is here to prove that you can have both. The foundation offers sheer, buildable coverage that will effortlessly blend in with your skin’s natural tone, rather than mask it. 

Tinted Cover is made with hydra-technology to help soften and moisturize the skin throughout the day, and it also contains 18 natural extracts to nourish your skin and improve its texture. Lavender oil, which is also known as a heart chakra oil, is included to help calm your nerves and reduce daily stress. The foundation is formulated to work much like a high-powered skincare product, packed with ingredients to work for your skin while you wear it. 

Dr. Engelman particularly likes the inclusion of aloe barbadensis, green tea leaf extract, resveratrol because of their skin nourishing properties. She says, “Making sure your skin looks its best will help your foundation work better, especially if it's lighter coverage. These ingredients have known skincare benefits and will help boost the performance of your makeup.”

For anti-pollution, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties, we’ve included botanical extracts from superfoods and plants like camellia flower, white mulberry, aloe leaf, green tea, grape, coffee, and kaki leaf. Meanwhile, toning, firming, and lifting is achieved with cranberry, edelweiss, chestnut, and safflower extracts. The foundation also contains tea tree, eucalyptus, peppermint, and rosemary extracts to act as antibacterial agents. It has skin brightening minerals to help your face appear luminous throughout the day. And of course, like all of our other products, Tinted Cover is formulated cruelty, paraben, gluten, and fragrance free, and it is also vegan. 

“Since foundation is meant to be on the skin all day, it should have nourishing properties to hydrate and shield the skin from environmental stressors,” explains Dr. Engelman. “[Ingredients like] aloe and hyaluronic acid help to support the skin barrier. Antibacterial properties, like and tea tree, helps to destroy bacteria on the skin and keep it from spreading. The anti-inflammatory properties will help to calm active acne and reduce appearance.”

How To Use It

Prep your skin with moisturizer and SPF, and if you’re oily, a mattifying primer, as well. (Those with dry skin will probably prefer the wear of the foundation alone, rather than with a primer.) Dispense about one to two pumps on the back of your hand and use your finger to dot the product around your face. Use a brush or beauty sponge to blend it out. For further coverage or to reduce shine and oil in any particular spots on your face, use your corresponding Tinted Blur shade. Unless you are very oily, you will not need to set the Tinted Cover foundation with powder. It is water-resistant to ensure comfortable wear that lasts all day. 

Contour your face with your favorite shade of our All Over Bronze Color, and brighten with either a lighter shade of Tinted Blur or one of our Concealer sticks. Add a light flush to your cheeks with either our All Over Blush Color (for a matte finish) or the Nudies Bloom color of your choice (for a more dewy look). Complete your complexion by highlighting with either your favorite All Over Glow Color or Nudies Glimmer liquid. 

Now that we’ve introduced you to what will absolutely be your new favorite foundation, how do you plan to #GoNudeButBetter? Can’t wait to see all of the looks our #BabeBosses create with the Tinted Cover foundation! Don't forget to tag us in your looks @nudestix #TintedCover xo

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